Data Responsibly

We need mandatory third party security and privacy audits to matter as much to the directors and shareholders as financial audits. Shareholders wanting to be protected from fraud and misrepresentation by companies understating the risks and overstating potential rewards for the investors is what had lead to governments requiring public corporations to have third party financial audits.

Ads ≠ Tracking

There are sites that do ads right; I don’t block their ads. Too many sites though tie their ad displays to tracking and analytics and I don’t view them because I block tracking and analytics; the ads are collateral damage in the war for my right to decide when I want to be private and when not.

I Support Local, But…

Local journalism is a great thing to support, but there are limits to what that means. In this case I plan on cancelling my subscription to (including the paper subscription to ‘The Mirror’, sadly) because of their excessive use of tracking technology on their website.