I Support Local, But…

Local journalism is a great thing to support, but there are limits to what that means. In this case I plan on cancelling my subscription to Simcoe.com (including the paper subscription to ‘The Mirror’, sadly) because of their excessive use of tracking technology on their website.

Dig Down the Barriers

Having heard the complaint the the Town of Midland doesn’t care about accessibility and being aware of the efforts being made to decrease barriers downtown, especially during the King Street Rejuvenation, I decided to get some information to provide to anyone interested with whom I am able to share the information, including visitors to this site.

And I Thought My Finances Got Messy

Apparently the Town of Midland’s internal finances were a bit ‘messy’ but according the new CFO and ‘Financial Leadership Advisor’ there is no impact on audited statements and it is not something to be worried about, but reflects ongoing improvements in the financial systems / organization at the town.