Exposed! And a Target?

Apparently not noticing one’s furnace isn’t working can lead to health issues. So, two days ago I realized that the furnace in the house where I live was not working. This was because the temperature had been slowly dropping for some time, and I realized that turning up the temperature (assuming drafts and such) did… Continue reading Exposed! And a Target?

Data Responsibly

We need mandatory third party security and privacy audits to matter as much to the directors and shareholders as financial audits. Shareholders wanting to be protected from fraud and misrepresentation by companies understating the risks and overstating potential rewards for the investors is what had lead to governments requiring public corporations to have third party financial audits.

And I Thought My Finances Got Messy

Apparently the Town of Midland’s internal finances were a bit ‘messy’ but according the new CFO and ‘Financial Leadership Advisor’ there is no impact on audited statements and it is not something to be worried about, but reflects ongoing improvements in the financial systems / organization at the town.