Exposed! And a Target?

Graphic representing an large office high rise being demolished

Apparently not noticing one’s furnace isn’t working can lead to health issues.

So, two days ago I realized that the furnace in the house where I live was not working. This was because the temperature had been slowly dropping for some time, and I realized that turning up the temperature (assuming drafts and such) did resolved the issue, and in fact it was getting colder in the house. Once I realized that, I checked the furnace and discovered it was in an error state, and immediately called for a service call.

The Enercare technician came the next day, and was able to repair it. I am very glad that was the case, because had reached the point of being in pain and being extremely fatigued and needing to sleep all the time. Once the heat came back up I perked up and I realized that even though it hadn’t gotten below freezing in the house, that because the medication I am on reduces my body’s ability to regulate temperature, I was in a pretty dangerously unhealthy physical state.

I certainly felt like I was dying, even if I doubt was at death’s door. I do think I was experiencing what they call ‘exposure’ though.

In other news I have perhaps made myself a bit of a target (although with my tendency to be paranoid, I have felt like I am already one) by writing a letter to the editor of with my, certain to upset some people, view of the Town of Midland budget. I know that expressing a view that is unpopular with vocal groups can make one a target, but I refuse to sacrifice my freedom of expression to fear. It is quite problematic that in our society that this is even a consideration.

The ability to debate issues without fear of personal reprisals is an important part of democracy in my view.

Now I do think there are forms of expression that are problematic: that is harassment and abusive behaviours, and slander and libel are things that are not part of a reasoned debate and should not be considered appropriate or excusable.

Of course when the definition of harassment and abusive becomes overly broad that is also a problem because then concerns over what is generally agreed to be problem behaviour gets misused to stifle reasonable and justifiable disagreement with another party.

Anyway, I remain hopeful that people are reasonable enough around here that expressing a view that a vocal group likely disagrees with is not going to change anything in my life for the worse.

I will keep on trying to do my best, address elephants in the room, and to keep making the effort to make the world a better place, even if it doesn’t make me popular.

By Daniel F. Dickinson