If You Don’t Talk, They Won’t Listen

Archer-Daniels Midland grain elevators with a very large mural depicting friendly meeting between Europeans and Ouendat

The Government of Ontario has quite a number of surveys (and in some cases other participation opportunities) occurring that are currently open and that’s even without the constant comments periods on proposed changes or additions to regulations. You only have a chance of being heard by these official processes if you participate in them, so please do.

The top three consultations that have relatively short deadlines are:

  1. Ontario 2021 Budget Consultations
  2. Ontario Digital ID
  3. Lake Simcoe Protection Plan Review

Locally, the Town of Midland has kicked off the actual budget process. The Town will be gathering and answering questions via budget@midland.ca for email questions. There will also be a public meeting February 17.

The full ‘budget binder’ will be available in digital format to members of the public (this is the same information as what council gets, although they also get a hardcopy) by end of day today (Thursday Feb 4, 2021) via the Town’s website.

If you are in Midland and want to participate in the process, I strongly encourage you to read the info in the binder, to ask questions via budget@midland.ca and to participate in the public meeting.

The budget survey only got about 57 responses compared to 17,000 residents. If you wonder why it seems like a small group of people have a great deal of influence, that’s a pretty good indicator of why that is.

So once again (I know I harp on this, but I don’t know what else I can do to get the message across), if you want to be heard at least say your piece. Saying nothing and complaining after the fact just creates division and animosity without actually solving problems.

Step up. Talk.

By Daniel F. Dickinson

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